Welcome to the ReJean repair shop! Our raison d'être is keeping unwanted clothing out of landfill, with all our jackets and accessories handcrafted from 100% reclaimed fabrics. Due to the nature of recycled denim, repair and reinforcement is integral to our production process, ensuring every ReJean piece is built with longevity in mind.

To push these efforts even further, we are now offering repairs and alterations for all denim garments, whether made by us or from another brand. Check out the pricelist and request form below.

Visible Hand Stitch

Visible Mending

Prices start from £30 depending on size and estimated time for labour. Use the enquiry form below detailing the repair, size and level of intricacy desired. We’re happy to do everything from small functional repairs, to full garment decoration.

Machine Stitch, Darn & Patch

Machine Mending

Small holes 3cm darned and reinforced - From £20
Large holes 5cm+ darned and reinforced - From £35
Full crotch blowout patched and darned - From £50

Internal pocket bag front or back patching / reinforcing (Per pocket) - From £15
Internal pocket bag replacement (Per pocket) - From £45
Mouth of external pocket front or back reinforcing (Per pocket) - From £10
Back pocket repaired & reattached (Per pocket) - From £35

Replacement belt loop - From £10
Stitching or reinforcing of hem / cuff - From £15
Stitching or reinforcing of seams - From £10


Hems & legs
Hems shortened and re-hemmed - From £15
Tapering without topstitch - From £40
Tapering with topstitch - From £50
Zip supply and fit - From £35
Button supply and replacement (per button) - From £4
Waistband cut and new one made - From £25

Repair Shop Request