ReJean is a gender-neutral sustainable fashion label built on reclaiming, repurposing and repairing denim for a new generation of conscious consumers.


About the brand

Based in the East End of Glasgow, the old heart of our vibrant industrial city, we make unisex denim jackets and accessories from 100% reclaimed materials.

Each ReJean piece is completely one of kind, hand crafted using discarded denim which we deconstruct and reimagine into something new. Our sustainable denim jackets, inspired by traditional workwear, are designed to be unique, ethical wardrobe staples for all, because style has no gender or size limit.

Shopping at ReJean keeps unwanted clothing out of landfill, helping tackle the UK fashion industry's 350,000 tonnes a year textile waste problem. Repair is also vital part of our DNA, because we believe that loved clothes last. Find out more about our sustainable values, and details on our design and production process here.

We've been featured in BBC Scotland, The Herald, Fashion Revolution, The Flock, Delicate Rébellion, The National and more. We are proud to stock our collection with sustainable fashion concept store inNEOSS in London.

 Feel free to pop us an email if you fancy dropping by the studio or say hello over on Instagram.

About the founder

ReJean Denim was founded in 2018 by Glasgow fashion designer Siobhan Mckenna. Explore Siobhan's story here:


Ever wanted to wear a completely personalised, bespoke piece that aligns with your unique style and ethical values? You can now co-design your dream denim jacket with our custom jacket service. Scroll on to see how it works, and for inspiration, take a look at some of our previous styles on Instagram.

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