ADW X RJ Oversized Denim Shopper Bag

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Alice has painted in response to the construction of the Rejean pieces- like a conversation between the two makers. Each piece is entirely individual and we hope, something special to wear but also to admire and regard as an artwork.

Introducing Our Oversized Shopper Bag, ReJean's latest addition to our ever-growing range of accessories. Handcrafted from reclaimed denim and available in two colourways.

A beautiful soft blue palette featuring Alices signature black paint strokes.

A darker palette of black and grey tones featuring Alices signature white paint strokes.

*** Please note due to our production process of using RECLAIMED DENIM each piece will be different and will vary slightly from the pictures above. ***

Each bag is full lined with two internal pockets one patch and one zipped to keep all your valuables safe.

Long straps so you wear it easily with lighter and heavier jackets. 
A statement yet practical piece, perfect for days in the park, getting your shopping or a spontaneous weekend away. 

Dimensions: 49 width x 39 height, the width expands to 65cm should you need it. The straps are 37cm long.

This bag is MADE TO ORDER and our turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. This is SLOW fashion, each bag will be made by Siobhan in the ReJean workshop and then handed over to Alice to paint before shipping. We will always aim to get your garment out to you as quickly as possible.