Welcome to the ReJean repair shop! Our raison d'être is keeping unwanted clothing out of landfill, with all our jackets and accessories handcrafted from 100% reclaimed fabrics. Due to the nature of recycled denim, repair and reinforcement is integral to our production process, ensuring every ReJean piece is built with longevity in mind.

To push these efforts even further, we are now offering repairs and alterations for all denim garments, whether made by us or from another brand.

See our repair shop menu below, and send any enquiries to studio@rejeandenim.com with 'ReJean Repair' in the subject line.  



  • Hems shortened | £15
  • Tapered fit | £40
  • Tapered fit with topstitch | £50
  • New zip and fit | £35
  • Button replacement | £4 each
  • New waistband | £25


We can offer either hand-stitched or machine-stitched repairs, and you can choose an 'invisible' repair or elevate the repair using Japanese 'visible mending' techniques such as Sashiko and Boro as well as traditional patch repairs.

Machine stitch darn and patch

  • Small holes 3cm+ | £20
  • Large holes 5cm+ | £35
  • Full crotch blowout | £50-60

Pocket repairs

  • Internal pocket bag repair | £15 each
  • Internal pocket bag replacement | £45 each
  • External pocket mouth repair | £10
  • Back pocket repair and reattachment | £35 each

Other repairs

  • Replacement belt loop | £10 each
  • Stitching or reinforcing of hem or cuff | £10-20
  • Stitching or reinforcing of seams | £10-20
  • Visible mending | Prices start from £30, email us to enquire 


  • Please ensure your garments are washed, cleaned and free of stains before sending them to us for repairs or alterations. Follow the washing instructions on the care label of your garment, or find a general denim care guide here. If we receive your garments in an unwashed state,we will charge an additional £10 fee.
  • We require payment in advance of any repair work being undertaken, including for return postage (£4.45 UK, £12.50 Europe, £17.25 worldwide). You can pay this at our studio or via electronic transfer upon receipt of our invoice via email. 
  • We cannot accept any customs charges for overseas shipping and will return the garment to you if charges are incurred. If you are sending from outside the UK, please ensure  your parcel is marked clearly as a used garment repair.
  • We accept no liability for garments lost in transport and recommend using a tracked and signed postage service. We cannot offer compensation for package lost during return shipping, particularly if there is no proof of postage.
  • Please note, we do not accept stretch garments, so only send us your denim is it is 100% cotton (no elastane, lycra etc). You will find the fabric composition on the garment's internal care label or test for stretch by hand. 


Ever wanted to wear a completely personalised, bespoke piece that aligns with your unique style and ethical values? You can now co-design your dream denim jacket with our custom jacket service. Scroll on to see how it works, and for inspiration, take a look at some of our previous styles on Instagram.

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