Welcome to the ReJean Journal

Welcome to the ReJean Journal
Hey there folks, 
First and foremost - a big welcome to the ReJean Journal. 
There is no denying the world is going through a very strange time right now and at ReJean, we are sending everyone well wishes and hoping that you and your families are staying safe out there. Everything may be up in the air right now but it's only a matter of time till we come out the other side of this. When we do I reckon we will be stronger, wiser and more connected as a community.

As a small brand, we are doing what we can to support ourselves and our other creative friends and small businesses during this time and we hope you can too!
Next week we will be putting the denim aside to stitch up scrubs for our beloved NHS. Please if you're able to, consider donating to this important cause and help us #dress our NHS we would be forever grateful. The money we raise will go to buying materials.
Let's kick this off by giving you an idea of what we do here at ReJean Denim...
ReJean Denim is based in the Glasgow Barras and was created by Siobhan with the idea of creating unisex denim jackets and accessories from re-purposed denim in order to combat the ongoing issue of fast fashion throughout the fashion industry. 
We want to build an exciting and sustainable slow fashion brand that’s ethical and for all genders, sizes, colours and ages.
And that is exactly what we're doing... 

Each jacket has its own unique DNA which includes up to three pairs of jeans. No two pieces will ever be the same.

We never know what will emerge until we start unpicking and playing around with the different colours, features and fabrics of the jeans we have sourced. Thus a new and unique garment is born, which celebrates and resurrects the past lives of the denim.
We look forward to chatting with you guys about what we are up to each month and hope our events are also something you enjoy getting involved with, in particular our ReJean Mending Clubs. This is something you can get involved in even in isolation and if you want more information just head to our events page here to read up on how you can mend from a distance with Siobhan herself!
Next week is Fashion Revolution Week, and Siobhan will be running a virtual mending workshop via zoom, you can sign up for this here! You can follow Fashion Revolution Scotland to find out about all the exciting content and events that will be going live next week! 
You may have noticed we just added a new selection of buckets hats to the website, you can check them out alongside our latest collection here
Next post will be looking back at all things Fashion Revolution and highlighting our favourite events and initiatives from the week! 
See you then folks!
Siobhan & Marie 

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